Our Story

From the Kimberley to Tasmania.

Richard photographing Humpback Whales.
Annabelle with Pippin, the Tasmanian Smithfield.

Annabelle Sandes and Richard Costin moved to Tasmania in 2015, after living and working for many years in isolated parts of Western Australia’s magnificent Kimberley region.  Exploring the remotest parts of the Kimberley coast for months at a time on Richard’s houseboat fuelled their passion for nature photography and film-making, with a particular interest in the Kimberley’s rich and varied marine life and cetaceans, including the southern hemisphere’s largest population of humpback whales.  

Richard grew up in southern NSW, working on family properties, and on leaving school, attended ag college in WA.  A self-taught photographer with a passion for the environment, Richard filmed and produced two beautiful documentaries on the Kimberley’s landscape and wildlife; “Wildwater Country” and “The Kimberley’s Birds of Paradise”. 

Together Richard and Annabelle ran “Kimberley Stock Photos”, a stock photography website focused solely on images of the Kimberley, with national and international clients including The Wall St Journal, The West AustralianAustralian GeographicThe Australian, Pew Charitable Trusts, The Canberra Times and American Nature Magazine.

Annabelle is an accomplished wildlife artist and photographer, with a background in fine art and plant and wildlife illustration, a love of animals and an artistic eye.  She has held several solo exhibitions of watercolours in Melbourne and Broome, and more recently has devoted her creative energies to painting animal portraits in oils.  For the past few years she has also been an official photographer for Tasmania’s Campbell Town Show. 

A desire to be closer to family and a longing for a change of climate led them in 2015 to Longford, in northern Tasmania, where aside from their photography and videography, Richard works as a much-in-demand farrier and Annabelle runs “The Racecourse Inn”, a successful bed and breakfast.  

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